Need to determine love right here with the poster. but while doing so I’m not sure the thing I’m observing below.

Need to determine love right here with the poster. but while doing so I’m not sure the thing I’m observing below.

How would observe the 6 of Wands as ‘Immediate outlook’, 4 of Wands ‘result’ with regards to where matter were seeing go between two different people around then couple weeks — after an abrupt unexpected riff inside relationship? (Girl labeled as away day via articles, extremely blunt/cold/distant, no answer).

I imagined a couple of things here:

6 Wands + 4 Wands = Holding the head large (6 wands), and busting free/feeling free from all of these (4 of wands).

6 Wands + 4 Wands = 6 wands might be about getting over the issues belonging to the 5 of wands. so maybe she is going to roll around and know she earned a blunder, and want to get this to profitable (6 of wands), to which there’ll be a party (4 of wands)?

I feel either a couple of things, comprehensive breakup between eachother, or, a reunion of kinds with no relationship, but it really’ll staying positive/for appropriate?

Any thoughts/insight on these business?

My first thought when seeing the title of the thread is that these cards could easily be seen as a commitment between two people—that commitment being due to becoming a committed couple.

Possessing read the article, though, it seems that this wouldn’t are the case necessarily. Unless you look over utilizing reversals, these two cards—-or more than one of them—-could more than likely be review with a reversed definition. That you were struck lower where probably will not be any joyfully previously after could be the reversed information on the cards collectively.

Cheers Grizabella — i am relatively new to tarot (have-been it don and doff for a couple years). In general I do not want to do reversals because their more difficult for us to look at the black-jack cards (simply not knowledgeable sufficient). But do you find it true after that that often if you get -positive- poster, you will also have to think about the unfavorable part subsequently should you be staying away from reversals? We really don’t know that. that could be an appealing tackle all the readings I completed in recent times. hmm.

If tarot desired to show you some thing awful though, won’t tarot merely indicates declare, various other cards that are adverse upright for example, 10 of Swords, 5 Cups, 7 Swords, etc.? only wanting to know / searching acquire some information.

Ought I start undertaking reversals after that to get more accurate indication? Used to loveaholics do these people years ago but i came across reading the poster very challenging along with them.

These black-jack cards become beneficial. I presume she could communicate, the 6 are a victory credit as well 4 may suggest reunion.. So perchance you will both hookup

Note- the 6 of wands could suggest she wants to wear the jeans inside the commitment lol

Had been this a relationship? For reasons unknown I’m acquiring that you have not recently been striving very hard, and possibly she actually is prepared those services.

Victory could mean the successful result from attempt. The 4 could indicate that there is something well established.

However, if you’re simply sitting down truth be told there not creating a lot of and questioning, and she actually is a female who was interested in you and also you’re not producing any work to pursue the girl and show just how curious you’re, better.

Without doubt if you make hard work to chase the girl she’s going to tell you to f*$* switched off – you will have semblance of a concept as to what will be the final influence!

Thank you for the awareness Dangala and JoyousGirl. We’re going to discover what takes place, really up to now.

Joyousgirl: it was not a connection (yet), only a relationship. In fact i’m i used to be the main one accomplishing the bulk of the work, nonetheless i am the dude. I became extremely clear using my interests, especially the latest two goes. We stepped-up the aggression on some ways over the past fourteen days and begun to see bet off in a number of areas. I reckon the ultimate straw was this previous go steady I had arrange and maybe she reckoned it above then chose to terminate, no idea.

For now I’m just relaxing/taking a pause. since I have would be notably taken switched off on this particular final meeting, i am like. ehh. If an individual’s actually curious they willn’t do that. Don’t like the manner in which she handled that. Let me promote this another opportunity but will let situations simmer out in the next week or two and attempt again.

Thanks for the understanding Dangala and JoyousGirl. We will see just what takes place, almost nothing up to now.

Joyousgirl: It wasn’t a connection (yet), only internet dating. Really personally i think Having been the main performing the majority of the job, then again i am the dude. Having been quite clear with my fascination, especially the previous two goes. I stepped up the aggression on some elements throughout the last week or two and began to come filmed out in a number of areas. I presume the very last hay ended up being this previous day I experienced arrange as well as she assumed it over then thought to end, little idea.

For the moment I’m just relaxing/taking a break. since I is fairly taken down on this particular final big date, I’m like. ehh. If someone else’s actually fascinated throughn’t do this. Did not like how she covered that. I will offer this another chance but will try letting matter simmer out across a few weeks or two and try once more.

I am staring at your own first document in mild of this critical information one pointed out inside your most recent blog post, i believe that Six of Wands and the Four of Wands perhaps giving information to you as long as getting assess the condition and advice about a training course of feasible motions.

Taking a look at the six as managing balance in addition to being a wand exactly how your time is affected by your socializing using this female, you could be prompted to consider whether expending fuel to court the lady has been recognized by feelings of better determination and lightness of spirit or don’t. It doesn’t seem like the woman is really “other-focused” through this point.

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